Music Reccomendations

An unordered list of music I reccomend and why:

Album Artist Reasoning
Darkness on the Edge of Town Bruce Springsteen Beautiful and raw lyricism about alienation, pain, longing, and labor set to powerful rock and roll.
Born to Run Bruce Springsteen While in my opinion Born to Run isn’t the thematically cohesive masterpiece that Darkness on the Edge of Town is, it does contain some of the Boss’ best songs such as Born to Run, Thunderroad, and what is in my opinion the best song of all time: Jungleland.
Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J. Bruce Springsteen Bruce’s first album is bursting with both the bright energy and challenges of being young and alive in the city.
The Sky’s Gone Out Bauhaus Dark baroque gothic rock that goes from dark and brooding songs like Silent Hedges to passionate high energy bursts like The Three Shadows Pt. 3 and Spirit to contemplative and touching songs like All we Wanted was Everything. This is one of my favorite albums. It’s thematically tight but still delivers a variety of powerful songs and emotions.
Marnie Stern Marnie Stern Marnie Stern’s self titled is full of bright sharp guitar played over Zach Hill’s drumming and is always incredibly interesting and enjoyable to listen to. She deserves orders of magnitude more monthly listeners than she has.
This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It and She Is It and It Is It and That Is That Marnie Stern This album is the same type of music but sparser, weirder, and sharper in the best way possible. Just listen to the first song and you’ll see what I mean.
Kaputt Destroyer Dan Bejar once agains solidifies his seat among the best lyricists of the past few decades(and possibly even longer) with his best album, Kaputt. Seriously this album is amazing. Bejar weaves together soft rock and pop with brilliant lyricism. The best songs on it are Suicide Demo for Kara Walker, which he collaborated on with Kara Walker herself, and Bay of Pigs, a ten minute piece where he really flexes his lyrical capabilities: “You were on the side of good. I was inside of the sea’s guts: a crumbling beauty trapped in a river of ice. A crumbling beauty trapped in paradise. Oh yes, it was paradise!…A ransom note written on the night sky above reminds me what, in particular, about this wine I love. Like a punctured beast better off dead, compliments going to my head.”
Streethawk: A Seduction Destroyer Streethawk is an earlier work of Bejars, closer to traditional singer-songwriter rock but still exceedingly good. I won’t go into as much detail on it as I’ve already allocated too much space to Kaputt
Splendor and Misery Clipping It’s a rap space opera about the relationship between an escaped slave who’s the sole survivor of a rebellion aboard a starship and the ship AI. It touches on themes of time, home, and love. It features Daveed Digg’s writing and absurd vocal talent and the characteristic creative and harsh industrial beats Clipping is known for.
Maggot Dazey and the Scouts Fast paced and often very funny punk that draws from but isn’t much like riot grrrl. “it’s so depressing how the tear ducts in my eyes are so much wetter than the space between my thighs.”
The Bedlam in Goliath The Mars Volta One of my favorite albums of all time. A perfect and genius blend of math rock and metal the (literally) esoteric and vivid lyrics.
Frances the Mute The Mars Volta Similar to the above, but a bit more reeled in but still goes hard as fuck and is incredibly creative. More popular among fans of the band than The Bedlam in Goliath.
Trust in the Lifeforce of the Deep Mystery The Comet is Coming Two words: Synthesizer. Saxaphone.
You Want it Darker Leonard Cohen Cohen’s final album is one of his best. Honestly I think Cohen is better than Dylan. This album is beautiful, dark, and haunting, but also at peace with what’s to come. It’s Cohen saying goodbye with grace and skill.
New Skin for the Old Ceremony Leonard Cohen Not on of Cohen’s most famous albums, but it’s still fantastic the whole way through and contains two of my favorite deep cuts of his: Is this What You Wanted and There is a War.
Book of Longing Philip Glass and Leonard Cohen Ok so basically nobody listens to this but Philip Glass composed a song cycle based off of Cohen’s book of poetry Book of Longing and it’s absolutely amazing. If you like both Cohen and Glass you will LOVE this. You might not love it if you only like Glass but you should still give it a try.
Arañas en la Sombra Omar Rodríguez-López ORL of the Mars Volta’s Spanish Math Rock album. Very good.
Harutosyura Haru Nemuri Japanese art rock. MAKE MORE NOISE OF YOU. MAKE MORE NOISE OF YOU. Really fun and interesting.
Neon Golden The Notwist The most perfectly textured and most detailed electronic music I’ve heard with soft but powerful vocals and lyrics. Listen to Pick up the Phone and Pilot
Transformer Lou Reed Lou Reed’s best album. It’s so good. It’s sometimes sad. It’s often weird. It’s Lou Reed.
Automatic for the People R.E.M. Classic album. Every song is amazing but Nightswimming is the most beautiful song on any of the albums on this page.